• Orders and Transport

    We want to meet your preferences. For volumes greater than 8 products "In-a-box", please contact us to find the best conditions we have for you with discounts on products and shipping, depending on the desired quantity.

    The sale of individual products is subject to a minimum shipping amount (10 euros plus VAT where applicable and shipping).

    Products' In-a-box "are shipped in a gift box. The individual products are shipped in regular packaging.

    Transportation will be provided by a company specialized in this type of orders with personalized service, ensuring deadlines and ideal conditions of transport, so the products come to you with the same love with which they were produced.

  • Contact us

    If you want to give us any suggestions or put any questions on products or orders, please contact us. Want to order a product or set of products to your liking? Ask us for quote and respond according to your request and preferences.
  • Safe payment

    To offer or taste the best gourmet, you just have to select the products to your liking, add to cart, use our bank transfer service or Paypal and get to your door, or place that you specify, in a safe and simple manner, your selection.


In the Box, the Best Gourmet

We are passionate about our products, we try to bring the best to you. Each was selected based on their exceptional quality and conjugated translate into an unforgettable experience. We want to take the country and the world flavors distinguished by love, tradition, exclusivity with which they are produced and brought to you.